Establishment of the Provincial Public Service Commission, its resposibilities and functions.

Provincial Public Service Commission has been established in accordance with the provincial council Act No. 42 of 1987 under the 13th Amendment to the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.

The exercise of powers vested in the Hon. Governor, in accordance with the Provincial Council Act No. 42 of 1987, No. 12 of 1989 and Provincial Council Amendment Act No.28 of 1990 with regard to the appoinments of officers to provincial public service, their transports, dismissals and disciplinary control, is devolved on the Provincial Public Service Commission. The Chairmen and two members of the present Provincial Public Service Commission. The appointed by the Hon. Governor for a 05 year term of office.

In accordance with the aforesaid Provincial Council Act and amended section the powers delegated to the Provincial Public Service Commission by the Hon.Governor, shall be in force from the North Central Provincial Councial was established.

Powers -  In accordance with section 34 of the provincial council Act, if a abort from performing his duties attemts to make any influence derectly or othewise on a decison made by the provincial Public Service Commission or any member of it, all such persons if found guilty by High Court and convicted, shall be subjected to a fine not exceeding rupees on thousand five hundred or a prison sentence not exceeding one year or both punishments, the fine and the prison sentence.